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Is there such a thing as a Boutique Maintenance Firm?
You've just discovered something unique!
What makes our company different?
Since 1992, Mercury Maintenance has been providing  services to Bay Area commercial property owners and managers. During this time, we have come to realize that our company can be of best use to our clients by knowing their buildings inside and out. And by offering a wide array of maintenance and remodeling services performed by our own in-house employees.



  A really good professional handyman service is hard to find and we are proud that repair work is the backbone of our company.  When a Tenant Improvement opportunity arises, through repair work and the process of familiarization of the building, Mercury is less likely to cause an electrical or plumbing mishap that would affect the building's other tenants. In fact our history with this issue is excellent. We understand how important communication with a building's manager is, during any on-going work. It makes sense to involve Mercury Maintenance with your tenants renovations and small contracting work.  

Partial List of Services Provided

  Electrical Repairs   Remove and Install Plugs & Switches - Reroute Conduit Phone and IT lines  
      Respond to Electrical Outages Tenant and Building Power  
      Coordinate PG&E Main Power Shut Off and Turn On  
  Lighting Repairs   Remove and Install Interior & Exterior Fixtures - Ballasts Changes  
      Wiring Repairs - Energy Saving Retro-fittings - Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs  
      Commercial Wholesale Pricing on Light Supplies - Lighting Stock Inventories & Survey  
  Plumbing Repairs   Repair & Replace Toilets - Sinks - Facets - Pipes / Interior and Exterior  
      Clear Clog Lines - Sub-Pump & Injector Pump Maintenance  
      Flood Damage Cleanup & Post Incident Renovation - Insurance Experience  
      Mold Cleanup & Renovation - Industrial Hygienist Coordination & Reporting  
      Hydro-Jetting - Grease Trap Maintenance - Coordinate Tenant Lease Compliance  
  Doors, Locks & Keys   Re-Key - Replace Locks, Handles & Lock Boxes - Organize Keys - Door Closers  
  Roof Repair   Small Patches - Drains & Gutters - Annual Roof Cleaning & Reporting  
  Sidewalks   Repairs & Replacement - Steam Cleaning - Daily Early Morning Spot Cleaning  
  Glass & Windows   Replacement -  24 hour Emergency Boarding up - Exterior & Interior  
  Graffiti Removal   Remove, Repaint and Report  - Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Programs  
  Interior Remodeling   Remove Existing Interior - New Build-Outs - Build Partitions - Install Doors  
      Paint - Carpet - Flooring - Tile - Counters - New Kitchettes & Cabinets  
  Furniture   Install New Workstations,  Assemble Office Furniture - Remove Old Items  
  Earthquake Prepare   Secure Office Furniture & Equipment  
  Moving Services   Office Moving small jobs - We are Insured and know Office Building Protocols  
  Hauling and Dumping   Remove Debris - Furniture - Old Files - Hazardous Waste - Recycling  
  Day Porter Services   Trained Stationary Day Porters with Engineering Skills  
  Maintenance Budgets   Annual Budget Preparations and Needed Maintenance Suggestions  
Unless it's Elevators or HVAC, we probably can do it!
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